Each one of us has a wealth of unique and sacred stories that inform who we are. No matter the challenges that have brought you here today, I will hold space for you and offer respect, compassion, and accompaniment so you can share those stories in a safe and welcoming space. We will work together to help you realize your goals for personal or professional growth and greater quality of life, and celebrate the small but important steps you take along the way. 

I have been practising social work since 2016 but have been in a caring role for far longer. I have experience in supporting those with mental health issues, people with dis/abilities, those with addictions, and those encountering acute, chronic, and terminal illnesses. I have assisted refugees, newcomers, members of the LGBTQ2+ community, and people who have experienced various forms of trauma. I have also supported new mothers, parents, family caregivers, and individuals simply looking to reduce stress and anxiety in their everyday lives. I began my career as a journalist—active listening and effective communication are no stranger to me. And, the more I focused on social issues, the more I wanted to be able to help more directly. So, here I am today offering you my undivided attention, support, empathy, and assistance. I would be honoured to work with you. 

Knitting, yoga, a good cup of tea, and a healthy dose of fresh air bring me peace and joy. Let’s work on finding your harmony.